NeuroFeedback FAQ


Neurofeedback, also called neurotherapy or neurobiofeedback, is a type of biofeedback that uses real-time displays of brain activity—most commonly electroencephalography —in an attempt to teach self-regulation of brain function.

Neurofeedback FAQ

"People's Magazine" & the "New York Times " have demonstrated Neurofeedback's effectiveness.

After more than 20 years in the neuroscience field Neuroptimal is now considered the worlds' leader in brain wave optimization Neurofeedback is a immediate and effective way to give feedback directly to your brain, allowing it to regulate and optimize itself, resulting in effortless transformation.

Q: What is Neurofeedback??

A: Neurofeedback is a more advanced branch of biofeedback that focuses on the central nervous system. Neurofeedback, sometimes called Neuro-therapy, gives clients information on their brainwave activity. Brainwave activity is measured using EEG technology through sensors placed on the scalp and ears of a client. This information is relayed to the client and trainer by sound, specifically designed music for this software. Providing the central nervous system with moment-by-moment feedback on its current activity, the brain can be trained to use this information to improve mental performance, physical health, and well-being.

The system we use is, NeurOptimal® and its considered to be the most advanced neurofeedback technology available It is completely non-invasive and non-directive because it is based on a very different understanding about how the brain works and what actually makes neurofeedback effective.

This system is designed to work with the brain as an information-detection system. By simply giving the brain information about its own activity -- what it has just done—At MindFit , Our advanced software helps the brain re-organizes itself, engaging its own intrinsic healing wisdom. When it does this, many issues and dysfunctional patterns seem to fall away.

Using non-linear software that interacts with the brain, all areas of the brain are trained at once to improve the general fitness of the central nervous system and avoid training imbalances. Neurofeedback works comprehensively across all available brainwave frequencies—not just a limited subset of frequencies like other neurofeedback systems.

Q: How does Neurofeedback work?

A: The brilliance is in the software. Human brain activity produces electromagnetic energy. In a brain training session, this energy is recorded using tiny EEG sensors placed on your scalp and ears. Information on your brainwave activity is broadcast back to your brain through ear phones as auditory stimuli. As you listen to specifically designed music during a training session, the music is briefly interrupted when your brain is in an unproductive state. Your brain makes instant adjustments to restart the music and learns what it is required to remain in an optimum zone.

The system is continually monitoring the brain wave activity, moment by moment. This technology simply allows the CNS to receive the pure information about itself through audio feedback, and the brain re- organizes itself with the information given. This is what the CNS is designed to do, and the system is designed to rely on the inherent intelligence of the brain. It is actually effortless and natural. Secondly, the system provides feedback from a wide range of targets, representing a vast array of frequencies.

Whether the goal is to releasing old patterns of stress or trauma, or excelling in a particular endeavor or for deeper self discovery, your brain receives information on ALL frequencies, and optimizes as a whole. When working with our MindFit Neurofeedback system , the brain energy flows through many different frequencies in rapid succession, each frequency bandwidth balancing the others. There are minimal or no side effects, as the brain naturally balances itself. You feel alert and relaxed, feeling alive and quiet at the same time. In perfect balance.

Q: What kind of challenges can it help with?

A: The brain is the master control unit of the whole body, therefore a wide array of challenges can be overcome with brain wave optimization : Anti Aging for the brain Addictive Dependencies A.DH.D Autism Anxiety /Depression Anger Issues Bipolar Disorder Brain Injury/ strokes Cognitive Impairment Chronic Pain Compulsive Behaviors Creativity Chronic Fatigue Eating Disorders Energy Increase Fibromyalgia Greater Focus/ Memory Headaches/Migraines Improved Concentration Learning Difficulties Multiple Sclerosis Mood disorders O.C.D / Obsessive Thought Patterns Panic Attacks/ Hypertension PTSD Sleeping Difficulties Sports Enhancement Stress/ Feelings of overwhelm Sexual dysfunction Trauma Weight loss

Q: What kinds of clients come to you for treatment?

A: People of All ages, all issues. Clients that are looking for optimum peak performance, or for relieving issues, which are long standing or recent. We see people that are desiring change on many levels, as we know that physical symptoms are just an effect and not the cause. As we shift our awareness to the whole being, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually profound shifts can occur.

Q: What can a client expect when they come to your for a session?

A: Initial Consultation: Involves client history and goals to be achieved. A personalized program will be specifically designed for each client after consideration of clients needs. A combination of 2 or more of our services are often recommended for quicker results.

Brain Training: The client will be comfortably reclined in a zero gravity chair while sensors are applied, where the pre and post baseline of the brains activity is recorded. During the training portion, specifically designed music is fed back through ear phones while the client relaxes through 4 phases of ZenMode music. These 4 phases allow the brain to pass through a warm up, a light challenge, challenge and cool down. Similar to a work- out at the gym for the body, but a work-out for the brain. Yuen Method: Chinese Energetics : We use muscle testing to determine where the energetic weaknesses lie in relation to the client's challenges. We do corrections on this level. We test physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, and spiritual levels. It is often a combination of weaknesses on these different levels of consciousness. The corrections are instant and tangible.

Q: Can it be used in conjunction with other treatments? If so, what works well with it?

A: Yes, we offer a combination of healing methods. We have found the combinations to be much more effective than one modality: Brain wave optimization, where we balance and optimize brain function and the reorganization of the central nervous system. Reflexology for relieving energy patterns of pain and dysfunction in the physical body. We offer a combination of brain training, Chinese energetic medicine: Yuen method, and attunements for the emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual levels. Neurofeedback balances the central nervous system and brain and body. Yuen Method deletes energy weaknesses and strengthens each level of consciousness from physical to spiritual Attunements regulate the intake and output of life energy, or chi, for the optimal functioning of the endocrine glands, the chakra system and the energy circuitry Reflexology stimulates reflex points in the feet that relate to all parts of the body, its organ, and energy meridians. An over all relaxation effect promotes deep relaxation and healing of many physical ailments. Helps all systems of the body come into balance.

Q: Are the treatments different for each mental, emotional, physical or spiritual healing?

A: Yes, it varies from person to person, as the root causes and imbalances are unique to the individual. We test with Chinese energetic medicine, to pinpoint the root cause. We correct at this level, and also enhance with brain training, to regulate an imbalanced brain wave pattern that corresponds to the imbalance in the body and body systems. We have found that finishing with an attunement of the endocrine glands is very powerful, along with chakra balancing. Q. How will a person feel after a treatment? A. The number one, most common report after a treatment, is how relaxed and peaceful our clients feel. This is often followed by deep and restful sleep. Often the conflict that the client arrives with, has resolved within the session. Feelings of joy, feeling settled within the body is a common report. Mentally, feeling more clarity, better memory recall, less fatigue, more energy, more integrated and balanced. Feeling more productive and organized. Feeling more connected to self and others, as defense patterns fall away. And younger looking too! Clients often look 5-10 years younger as the stress leaves the face and body.

Q: Longer term, what kind of results can a client expect?

A: Better sleep, number one. A calm and focused mind, relaxed body, clarity of purpose, more joy and sense of connection. More productive and efficient management of time and daily life. Most people feel a huge increase in motivation to get things done, organize their lives and homes, feeling more inspiration in daily life. Deeper satisfaction in relationships. Relief from pain, chronic or acute.

Addictions tend to fall away, eating, gambling, drinking, shopping, because as the connection to self is re-established the need to reach outwardly for satisfaction is reduced. Better mental and academic performance, study habits improve, marks at school increase. More focus and longer attention span, and the ability to multi task comes more naturally and with ease. For athletes, we train them to remain in the "zone" for longer periods. Many sports teams are using neurofeedback as part of their training regime as do tri-athletes and Olympic athletes. We have huge success with depression and anxiety, and most mood disorders. Once the CNS is re-organized, these fluctuations and energy patters are dramatically reduced. So many other benefits are also noted when the whole system is balanced and optimized.

Q: Are the results permanent? If not, how long will the results stay with a person?

A: Yes, in many cases the results are permanent. Unless someone has a severe head injury, a very traumatic experience, or takes up heavy drinking or drug use, then this can impair results. Once we establish the new pattern, the brain continues to support this new pattern indefinitely.

Q: How many treatments does the average client need before they see results?

A: With the combination sessions we have been doing, clients are often seeing results in one to two sessions. For lasting results, we recommend minimum 5 sessions for brain training, up to 20 sessions for deeper patterns of imbalance. 20 sessions is the standard in using neurofeedback only. The reason we combine the sessions is that we are seeing remarkable improvement in very few sessions. People with depression for 30 years are shifting after 1 and 2 sessions. It's very powerful. We suggest 2x per week in the beginning, to establish and maintain the new patterns, continued for approximately one month. Each session we assess how the client is responding, and continue from there. The clients experience and feedback is the main determiner.

Q: Are there any side-effects that potential clients should be aware of?

A: Very rarely an occasional side effect will be reported, due to cleansing and clearing of blockages. Such as a slight headache, or waking up at night while the new brain pattern establishes itself. If this occurs, I always say, great, a shift is occurring, it's working!

Q: Is this type of treatment done only in person?

A: Due to the equipment and software involved with neurofeedback, in person session are required. Yuen Method: Chinese Energetics, can be done over the phone, as we are tapping into the unified field of information, where all is interconnected and accessible to be corrected from a distance.

Symptoms of an Imbalanced Brain and Central Nervous System

  • Memory Problems
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Lack of Motivation
  • ADD / Hyperactivity
  • Poor Performance on Tasks
  • Depression / Anxiety
  • Migraines
  • Low Energy
  • Feelings of Stress / Overwhelm
  • Lack of Focus & Concentration
  • Addictions
  • Suppressed Immune System
  • Brain Fatigue