About Us


Neurofeedback (Brain Training) is a non invasive, relaxing and drug free approach of training your imbalanced brain wave patterns into healthy and optimized patterns using advanced computer technology.

• Improves neural pathways for optimized body-mind functioning.

• Patterns of dysfunction and imbalance are naturally resolved.

• Optimizes brain function while balancing and stabilizing the central nervous system.

• Perception and experience of life is positively effected.

• Has proven results in relieving many areas of imbalance, afflictive states and addictions.

• Allows for greater mental and emotional stability, and relief from psychological suffering.

• Brain training enhances peak performance in the following areas: academic, athletic & corporate. Sessions take place in a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere, providing the ideal space for the integration of enhanced brain wave activity.


• Mind Optimization

• Brain Trauma

• PTSD and Tauma

• Stress Reduction + Deeper Relaxation

• Increased Mental + Emotional Capacity

• Improved Academic Performance

• Increased Attention Span

• Memory + Recall Enhancement

• Increased Productivity + Creative Insight

• Renewed Peace of Mind

• Body Optimization

• Motivation + Initiative

• Increased Endurance + Physical Energy

• Enhanced Present Moment Awareness

• Reduction of Physical Discomfort

• Weight Management

• Sleep Improvement

• Increased Sense of Vitality + Vigor

• Spiritua l + Emotional Wellbeing

• Increased Joy + Sense of Peace

• Improved Sense of Connection

• Self-Empowerment

• Freedom from Addiction

Neurofeedback has proven results in overcoming: BRAIN TRAUMA | PTSD | TRAUMA | Anti-Aging for the Brain | Addictions + Addictive Tendencies | Generalized Anxiety + Panic Attacks | Depression, Mood Disorders + Sleep Imbalances | Learning + Developmental Delays | ADD, ADHD + Impulse Control Issues | Lack of Focus, Concentration + Memory Loss | Migraines, Headaches + Chronic pain | Fears + Phobias | Emotional + Behavioural Issues