Can Assist in:


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Neurofeedback can assist in:

Peak Athletic Performance 

Motivation and Initiative

Increased Endurance

Greater body/mind connection

Enhanced Focus and Concentration

Ability to remain in "The Zone" 

Peak Academic Performance

Increase in grade point average/ test score

Increased attention span

Increased ability to multi task 

Quicker recall

Improved organizational skills/better time management


Corporate Environment

Increased Mental, Emotional and Physical Energy

Stress Reduction/ Deeper relaxation

Increased productivity and creative output

Peace of Mind/ Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

Physical and Emotional Wellness

Memory enhancement


Reduction of physical symptoms in the body

Relief of migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic bodily pain

Increased Joy and Sense of Well being

Reduced signs of Depression and Anxiety

Sleep Improvement

Weight Management

Sexual Dysfunction

Relaxation of mind and body

Mood balancing 

Chemical, alcohol dependancy     


Benefits to using Neuro-Feedback

In this fast-paced world, the strain of balancing personal, work and spiritual interests is challenging. The ability to handle stress and maintain resilience is crucial. Many issues can impair that resilience. Neurofeedback helps people discover and develop their resilience in this uncertain world. People use this training to increase their functioning capacity...in their careers, relationships, sports perfor-mance, meditation practice or personal issues. It can also improve your memory, clarity and creativity. Successful results have occurred with a wide range of issues: attention deficit and learning challenges; insomnia and sleep regulation; depression; anxiety; panic attacks; migraine; pain management; self-esteem; substance abuse; chronic fatigue; menopausal concerns; and more..