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Helen Mellard is the co-founder of MindFit Neurofeedback Centre. She is a trained Neuroptimal Neurofeedback practioner and Certified Reflexologist. She has had extensive training in Reflexology and has been a practitioner of this Ancient art for 27 years, with unparalled results. Helen also has a rarified gift for laying on of hands and feels blessed to be able to offer this gentle approach to health and well being to her clients. Helen's compassionate, gentle approach and her knowledge in anatomy and physiology are the reasons Helen has had a successful practice for the past 3 decades.



Dawn Mellard is the founder And Mindfit Neurofeedback and PureMind Centre. She is a certified Neurotherapist, proficient in many brain training systems- specializing in Neuroptimal, one of the World's leaders in brain wave optimization . She provides a powerful and effective combination Of Neurofeedback, solution focused Counseling and on- going Mentorship and support . Dawn is passionate about empowering her clients In living a life of excellence, satisfaction and purpose.

Counselling is offered for the following presenting issues:
Overcoming abuse cycles
Obsessive thinking
Emotional/Behavioural problems
Fear of Intimacy and authentic relationships
Self Esteem and Identity Issues
Anger and impulse control issues
Addictions and Addictive tendencies
Goal setting and Life Skills
Parent-child conflict
Discovering purpose and meaning
Relationship issues
Grief and Life Transitions
Connection to Self and others