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Dawn Mellard has been providing psychological services and counselling for individuals and families for the past 10 years.
Her compassionate and direct approach is Solution- Focused with unconditional positive regard as the foundation.
She is uncompromising in her integrity and devotion to her clients inner healing and wholeness.
She combines Brain Training Neurofeedback and Solution Focused Therapy for deeper and more profound transformation.
This combined approach  provides a platform for rapid healing and personal growth.
On going mentorship is available before, during and after sessions for all clients.

 Counselling is offered for the following presenting issues:
Overcoming abuse cycles
Obsessive thinking
Emotional/Behavioural problems
Fear of Intimacy and authentic relationships
Self Esteem and Identity Issues
Anger and impulse control issues
Addictions and Addictive tendencies
Goal setting and Life Skills
Parent-child conflict
Discovering purpose and meaning
Relationship issues
Grief and Life Transitions
Connection to Self and others

To book a Counselling session with us call:

Dawn Mellard @ 778 242 1642 . Sessions can be done in person or by phone